Community and Enterprise Hub FAQs

Update 6th April 2017

Brent Council in partnership with the South Kilburn Trust have won funding from the Greater London Authority (GLA) for the refurbishment of the Granville Centre into an Enterprise Hub and Community Space. The new facility will accommodate local start-up businesses that are currently based at the South Kilburn Studios and provide affordable business and community space for hire.

The funding awarded comes from the GLA’s London Regeneration Fund which aims to invest £20m to into reinvigorating London’s high streets and places of work. To date the fund has seen over £129m invested in 85 places in London.


What happens next?

The creation of these new facilities is taking place in two phases. Phase 1 will see the South Kilburn Trust move from their current base at Carlton Hall to the Granville Centre in early 2017. This will be followed by entrepreneurs and businesses in late 2017.

The project will result in the creation of a high quality work environment for local businesses and entrepreneurs in part of the Granville Centre. The building will also continue to serve as a hub and space for the community as it has done for many years, including the continuation of the Granville Community Kitchen and Otherwise Club. The Children’s Centre and the Nursery School will also remain in their parts of the building.

The Granville Centre will be used in this way by all these organisations for up to five years while Brent Council continues to consult on the future of the whole site in preparation for Phase 2 of the project.


How can I find out more?

Keep checking the South Kilburn Trust websites to stay up-to-date with any developments. You can also email Mark Allan at South Kilburn Trust at

Alternatively, email to be added to our mailing list.