This summer South Kilburn Trust in partnership with Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) will start an 18-month project to get locals over 50 into employment. 

South Kilburn, though a relatively new local charity, has been successfully working with residents groups, organisations and businesses to support long-term positive change in South Kilburn. The over 50’s employment programme is just one of the programmes we will start this summer.

This programme comes out of the national initiative to reduce the number of over 50’s on benefits and suffering financial hardship. South Kilburn Trust has secured funding in order to deliver the DWP’s Flexible Support Fund (50+) programme to South Kilburn residents. 

‘This programme comes with much excitement as we really hope to improve not only the financial but the mental and physical well-being of residents over 50’s. They are often forgotten when it comes to employment so this is a welcomed opportunity to provide the much-needed support and guidance to this group of people who still wish to work.’ says Lauren Baily, Employment and Enterprise Strategic Lead at South Kilburn Studios.

Residents who meet the criteria (50+ and claiming JSA) will be placed into work experience placements and supported into paid sustainable employment. 

The service will be available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with the SKT Employment and Enterprise team at the South Kilburn Trust office. Employment advisors will help candidates with CV writing, interview preparation, job applications, career coaching, digital upskilling and access to ring fenced job opportunities. 

Eligible residents can also access the programme via the Job Lounge on Thursdays at the South Kilburn Trust office, Carlton Hall.

For more information about the SKT Over 50’s Employment Programme or if you would like to sign up to the programme, call 0207 328 1199 or email and Drop by the SKT office at South Kilburn Trust, Carlton Hall, Canterbury Terrace, NW6 5DX. Alternatively visit;

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