South Kilburn Trust (SKT) and Ultra Education and have partnered to deliver an innovative entrepreneurship summer programme for seven to nineteen year-olds in South Kilburn. The Ultra Education workshops deliberately target a younger audience with the aim to inspire entrepreneurialism and build business mindedness from a young age. 

Chief Executive of the South Kilburn Trust, Mark Allan, said, “This is a wonderful opportunity for young people to learn invaluable skills over the summer holidays. There aren’t many opportunities for them to learn about and start their own business, especially in an accessible and fun way so we are especially excited to partner with Ultra Education to offer these unique workshops. It is truly great to see that now children and young people are being encouraged to join in South Kilburn’s impressive spirit of entrepreneurialism”.

The workshops are designed to help children and young people to build resilience, self-esteem, teamwork, leadership skills and improve their communication skills. They will also build their confidence, learn how to generate an income and make new friends.

Ultra Education is the brainchild of successful entrepreneur and South Kilburn Trust Business Advisor, Julian ‘Ultrapreneur’ Hall.

"Entrepreneurship is now an essential life skill which should be taught at an early age. The world is changing rapidly and many of the jobs which currently exist simply won’t in the future. Helping children and young people think entrepreneurially will give them the tools to increase their life chances in the future.

"Our philosophy is that an entrepreneur is someone who does what they love and makes money from it. The great thing is that no matter what children and young people love or are passionate about - there's usually a business behind it. All we do is show them how they can do it for themselves", says Julian.

Julian developed this programme in 2014 after seeing entrepreneurial traits in his daughter which sparked the idea that young people can be taught entrepreneurial skills and develop an entrepreneurial way of thinking. His ambition is to teach one million children and young people about entrepreneurship by 2020.

The six-week programme has been tried and tested and has worked with 1,000’s of young people across the country in both Schools and clubs and the Ultra Education programme boasts some impressive Alumni.

The workshops will be held every Thursday from 27th July to the 31st August 2017 10am – 4pm at the South Kilburn Studios, 2A Canterbury Rd, Kilburn, London NW6 5SW.

Spaces are limited and the programme is primarily available to South Kilburn residents, though there will also be a limited number of spaces for young people who live in Brent.

There are two workshops categorised by age groups; 7-11 years old and 12-19 years old. For more information about the Ultra Education Entrepreneurship Programme visit:

Ultra Education run clubs around Brent and across London during term time so to find out more visit:

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