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The Granville is taking bookings for work and event space ahead of its opening in Spring 2018. The new-look Granville will boast brand new workspace and purpose built community and venue space for hire, following the completion of the refurbishment of the building this March.

The transformed Granville will house local organisations and businesses, and in the spirit of the iconic South Kilburn Studios support local entrepreneurs and growing businesses. Additionally, the space will provide affordable, purpose-built community space which will include event rooms, a café and community garden.

The Granville will offer:

  • three large flexible spaces for a range of occasions
  • training, workshops, advice, events and support
  • a café leading out to the community garden
  • workspace for organisations or businesses
  • music studios
  • public space to meet and socialise

The day-to-day management of The Granville will be led by the South Kilburn Trust. The Trust will deliver a majority of the activities and support services in the space; these include employment services, business advice, legal advice and a range of community focused activities. Other services and activities will be provided by local groups and organisations in South Kilburn.

Further information about what’s available at The Granville and the project’s vison, mission and objectives can be found at

Deanne Isaac, The Granville Hub Manager, said, “Interest in the work and event space is growing on a weekly basis and we thought it would be great to give the public the opportunity to pre-book space and come in and have a chat with us about their needs. The workspace is available to start-ups, established business, freelancers, local organisations and businesses, while the event space can be used for anything from work functions to birthday parties.

“Once up and running, The Granville is going to be a space with a difference - our offer is very competitive and quite unique. Businesses at the space will have access to a great range of free business development support and opportunities as part of their membership as well as direct access to a strong network of businesses and the dynamic Granville community.”

South Kilburn Trust Chief Executive, Mark Allan, said, “We are building a community; The Granville community, and in doing so challenging people’s perceptions and experiences of what community is. The Granville building was founded on the spirit of aspiration, support and togetherness, these are the very threads that bind together our vision, mission and objectives for The Granville and in turn South Kilburn. We are ecstatic to see positive steps towards this materialising and welcome everyone to join us on the wonderful journey – visit The Granville website, find out more, get in touch with us and join The Granville community!”

The Granville development journey started in April 2017 following the successful joint application by Brent Council and the South Kilburn Trust to the Greater London Authority (GLA) for a grant to refurbish the much-loved building into a multiuse space. Since then, the top floors of The Granville have been refurbished and are now home to the South Kilburn Trust’s offices. The ground floors – which will accommodate the workspaces, the café and community and enterprise support services – will be completed by spring 2018 in time for the grand opening.

For more information about The Granville and the type of spaces available visit and for bookings contact the Hub Manager, Deanne Isaac on 0207 328 1199 or email

For media enquiries contact Rita Ogole, Communications and Engagement Manager on 0207 328 1199 or email

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The Granville: Mark Allan Gets Personal

The Granville, a much-loved community building in the heart of South Kilburn, is currently undergoing refurbishment, due to re-open in spring 2018. The Granville will offer community space, workspace, and a café and garden, all open to local people.  

At the centre of the drive to bring The Granville back to its full life and open to all local residents, is the South Kilburn Trust, led by its Chief Executive, Mark Allan.

Mark speaks here about the reasons why the Trust is focusing all its energies and resources into making The Granville a huge success. He also shares with us how central the community is to this.  


What does being the Chief Executive of the South Kilburn Trust involve? 

I am responsible for day to day running of the Trust, and also for planning what we do in the future.  I work alongside our board of Trustees, who are a mix people including local residents, and I make the long-term decisions with them. Our main focus is to support people living in South Kilburn, including helping people back into work, helping people start up a new business, and various community activities and events. This year we are also focused on renovating and re-opening The Granville in order to create a multi-purpose space for people of South Kilburn.


Why The Granville? 

The idea of using The Granville started with the idea of having a multi-purpose space for the community. We knew there was funding available to do this so we had numerous conversations about possible spaces in South Kilburn, and in the end Brent Council suggested The Granville, which seemed an obvious choice is it was under-used and in much need of repair.  Plus many local people knew it as their community centre, so it became even more of an obvious choice.


How did the plans become a reality?

Well, following the decision by Brent Council to use The Granville, we knew that the Mayor of London has a big focus on making sure there is enough quality workspace for small organisations and businesses in London and has made funding available for organisations who want to create these spaces. And we knew the South Kilburn Studios was closing next year, as part of the planned redevelopment of Peel, so this meant we could get funding to continue the Studios, in part of The Granville. 


What is your overall goal with The Granville?

We want there to be a space at the heart of South Kilburn where people can come together and use for a wide range of activities and events, both now and in the future. A space for local people to use and run community events and projects, as well as a space for local residents to set up and grow a business, that gives themselves an income and creates local jobs. 

And remember, The Granville is not the South Kilburn Trust’s building. We are based in the building, and we will run it, however The Granville is a partnership, including with Brent Council who own the building, and with the community who will use it and be based in it. 


Why is having a space like The Granville important? 

I grew up on a council estate in Scotland. Being part of the wider community was really important in my family feeling connected and to this day it is still important for me to be a part of a community. In the past when I’ve needed help I’ve found that if there’s somewhere for me to go to, a place that I’m welcomed with different services or where I can volunteer and make a difference, it’s really helped me. 

People in South Kilburn have things that they want to do, things that they want to achieve in their lives; in their personal life, work life, and for their families. So I hope The Granville can be an important part of people’s lives. 


What challenges do you and the Trust face running The Granville?

Some of the community are understandably nervous about the changes that are happening to The Granville. There’s a lot of change in South Kilburn. But I hope, because we have the best intentions and I do think it’s going to be a brilliant space, when it opens, people will love it. 

Two things I’ve learned along the way including - You can never communicate enough. And you need to keep going when you really believe in something, despite the challenges along the way.

It’s great to have the opportunity to meet and work alongside the many people that are doing something to make a difference in South Kilburn. 


South Kilburn Trust has moved. The new address is: South Kilburn Trust, The Granville, Carlton Vale, NW6 5HE

For more information about The Granville, call 0207 328 1199 or email for more information.

Follow South Kilburn Trust on twitter; @sktrustnw6, Facebook; @southkilburnnw6 and Instagram; @sktrust to stay up to date with programmes, events and news. Or visit the website:


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The Granville is currently undergoing refurbishment works which will be completed in March 2018. Located in the heart of South Kilburn, a vibrant and diverse community in Brent, from spring 2018 The Granville will be the place to be; a modern, dynamic, community hub – it will be home to start-up enterprises and organisations, community services with the availability of community rooms for hire and a public café.

South Kilburn Trust are looking for a creative energetic catering start-up or an existing organisation that would be interested in the exciting opportunity to run a café based in The Granville. 

This is a great opportunity for an organisation that is looking to develop. In return for a nominal starting rent, you can develop a lovely catering offer that compliments the diverse and engaging activities taking place at The Granville.

The deadline for Expressions of Interest is midnight, 7th January 2018.  Interviews are planned for week commencing 15th January 2018.  

For a chance to view the premises and discuss the proposal further or request an Expression of Interest form, please contact Deanne Isaac, Hub Manager on or  07967 330 039.

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We moved. The South Kilburn Trust is now officially based at The Granville. The move comes after the completion of the refurbishment of the two top floors of The Granville which have kick-started plans to transform the community building into a purpose-built Enterprise Hub and Community Space.

It’s still ‘business as usual’; SKT projects and services continue with temporary changes to some of their locations. It’s also ‘business as usual’ for existing neighbours; Barnardo’s Children’s Centre and Granville Plus Nursery School as they continue to operate next door. 

While building work continues, Granville Community Kitchen and the Otherwise Club will temporarily operate in different locations around South Kilburn, including the Carlton Centre and William Dunbar Tenants Hall. 

The South Kilburn Studios tenants will eventually move into the Enterprise Hub in early 2018.  

Mark Allan, South Kilburn Trust Chief Executive said, “Our move to The Granville is the first part of our plan to create a multi-purpose space in The Granville open to everyone in the local community - we’ve unpacked and are starting to settle into our new home. 

“Although for now the Trust’s services will operate from various venues in the community, due to the refurbishment works still taking place on the ground floors, this move will enable us to physically be based in the heart of the community - which is very important to us - before the new-look Granville officially opens in spring 2018. This is a very exciting time for the South Kilburn Trust and we can’t wait to finally see The Granville come to life again.”

Plans for the new venue include a much-needed Enterprise Hub for local entrepreneurs, businesses and organisations, in addition to a purpose-built community space for residents that will include three large flexible spaces for hire, an open public space, a café and increased access to the garden.

South Kilburn Trust’s new address is: South Kilburn Trust, The Granville, Carlton Vale NW6 5HE.

If you would like to find out more, you can come and visit the Trust at The Granville. Alternatively, call 0207 328 1199 or email for more information.

Follow South Kilburn Trust on twitter; @sktrustnw6, Facebook; @southkilburnnw6 and Instagram; @sktrust to stay up to date with programmes, events and news. Or visit the website:


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We are excited to announce that South Kilburn resident and founder of the Somali Community Group, Asha Shirwa, has been nominated for the ‘Community Champion’ Award at this year’s Pride of Brent Awards which will take place on Thursday 23rd November at the Brent Civic Centre. 

Asha has worked with women in the Somalian community to address the barriers they face into employment and has tackled these issues head-on by equipping her community with a range of skills and training necessary for access to employment in health, social care and childcare. Since the inception of her organisation, word has spread across the community prompting the organisation to support other cultural groups in South Kilburn.

Asha said, “It is a really good thing to be nominated and I’m really happy, it’s so good for South Kilburn. The Somali Community Group has helped a lot of people into training and employment and we now work with people from different backgrounds, which is good. The focus originally was on the Somalian community but we’ve seen that there’s a wider need across the community which we have been happy to address. Winning this award will definitely mean a lot, not only to me but the whole community.”

Asha has also run Somali Children’s groups in South Kilburn and has put on a number of successful Somali cultural events, as part of the South Kilburn Festival, in a bid to educate the wider community on various aspects of Somalian culture.

The Pride of Brent Awards celebrate those selfless individuals, community groups and local businesses who contribute so much to the borough and who have gone the extra mile to make Brent a better place to live and work in 2017.

For more information, click here.

Good luck Asha!

Image: Asha Shirwa (third person from right-hand side) with members of the community at a Somali Cultural event.

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South Kilburn (SK) Family Fun Day ambassador, MC extraordinaire and community champion…these are just some of the things that South Kilburn resident, David Ellison is to local people. Affectionately known to the community as ‘TC’, David’s unwavering love for his community has firmly positioned him as not only a positive role model in South Kilburn, but a living and breathing definition of ‘community spirit’. We caught up with him to learn more about what fuels his passion and commitment to South Kilburn and how he has worked with the Trust over the years to bring his vision for the community to life.

David first engaged the Trust when he saw an advert for the South Kilburn Family Festival in 2015. Naturally, he responded – he wanted to get involved and help out. Sometime later he heard about the Festival committee. With the motivation of ‘making a difference’ and ‘giving back’ to the community that supported him through the loss of his mother, he decided to lend his strong ties with the community and local knowledge to the Festival by joining the Committee.

“I got involved because I wanted to give back as the community has always done a lot for me. It is all about making a difference by giving back. When you start giving back, hopefully people also follow the same example”, says David. 

For David, it is not just about giving back, he has an eager interest to form links with organisations in South Kilburn and the community, South Kilburn Trust in particular. He knows all too well that without two-way communication, projects and services cannot affect change, and for David this is something that the SK Family Festival does very well.

“I think we need to maintain links by informing and re-engaging with the people. From my point of view this is the only time that the Trust and the people are actually really talking to each other on a holistic level,” he says.

Through David’s involvement in what has become a South Kilburn tradition - the SK Family Fun Day - he reminds us that an event like this is an important part of community life for many residents, one that is vital in shaping new relationships and a true sense of community. 

“On the festival day, it was a great pleasure for me to see so many local people come out and enjoy themselves. It was a great way to meet new people,” says David.

David’s involvement is not only about creating a link between the Trust and the community, it is also about exploring the opportunities available for local people to gain valuable experience and skills by involving them in the planning, coordination and delivery of something for their community.

“My confidence has been growing and I thank the Trust for believing in me enough to give me the opportunity to host our Family Festival…it’s been a learning curve for me; learning how organisations work, punctuality, how to carry yourself in a meeting, how to get information to the wider community, developing community work skills on both sides of the divide. These are skills you just don’t get every day”, says David.

What is very powerful about David’s story is that it demonstrates that in order to improve the community we must start getting involved, giving back and creating opportunities to come together.

We work with local people who are giving back in many ways, David is just one of them. We always welcome opportunities to work with the community.

To get involved, volunteer or talk about the ways that you can help the community, email

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Do You Know What’s On in South Kilburn?

October is jam-packed with activities for everyone. Feeling South Kilburn’s entrepreneurial spirit? We have loads of events for small businesses and entrepreneurs, and free business advice for BHP (Brent Housing Partnership) residents every Wednesday 10:30-1pm at South Kilburn Studios.  

There’s also a range of community events and activities; pop along to the Concord Cafe every Wednesday at 6pm to enjoy FREE homemade, healthy traditional meals or every Friday join the  Granville Community Kitchen for a FREE meal at the Granville Centre from 5:45pm. 

Want to get healthy? Meet at the South Kilburn Studios every Saturday at 10am to take a refreshing walk with the South Kilburn Walking Group; a friendly morning walk where you also learn Thai Chi breathing techniques.

There’s more happening in South Kilburn, to find out what else is on this month check out our What’s On Guide:

If you would like to feature your event or service in the November-December 2017 issue of the What’s On Guide, email

Follow South Kilburn Trust on Twitter; @sktrustnw6, Facebook; southkilburnnw6 and Instagram; @sktrust / @skstudiosnw6 to stay up to date with our programmes, events and news. Alternatively, sign up to ‘Spotlight’ our e-newsletter to get your Trust news and information on the go;

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Calling All Food Vendors!

Are you a food Entrepreneur, food creative, or a Start-Up catering company? South Kilburn Trust are looking for you! We are offering a fantastic catering opportunity; on Wednesday 27th September at 6pm-8pm SKT will be hosting a Market Sounding event for a Café at the Granville.

The Market Sounding is a chance for potential food vendors to get information about the opportunity to start or provide catering services to businesses and community users at what will be the newly developed Granville. 

South Kilburn Trust in partnership with Brent Council is refurbishing the Granville Centre this year. Plans are underway to improve the much-loved centre into a business hub with a community space. 

The Market Sounding will give potential vendors a chance to see the space and get a better understanding of the requirements of the opportunity. After the Market Sounding, vendors will be invited to apply for the opportunity via a tendering process.

‘This is an amazing opportunity for local food vendors to become a part of a redeveloped community cornerstone such as Granville’ says Lauren Bailey, Strategic Lead at South Kilburn Trust. ‘We are particularly keen to provide a voice to local food vendors interested in starting a catering service as this is in parallel to creating a business hub that gives entrepreneurs and Start-Ups a much-needed space in South Kilburn’ she goes on to say.

With the first phase of the refurbishment of the building starting this October, the Granville is well on the way to becoming an epicentre for enterprise and community in South Kilburn and this is an unmissable opportunity for caterers that are interested

If this describes you or you know of someone who’d be interested in this opportunity, get in touch. To confirm your attendance please email or call 0207 328 1199. 

For more information about the Enterprise Hub and Community Space call 0207 328 1199 or email

Follow South Kilburn Trust on Twitter; @sktrustnw6, Facebook; southkilburnnw6 and Instagram; @sktrust to stay up to date with programmes, events and news.

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Granville Development Update

Development plans for the Granville are underway with phase one of the refurbishment plans scheduled to start this September. Plans will see the top floors of The Granville refurbished followed by a move by the Trust to The Granville. Find out more about the plans and when the Granville will be fully open to the public, click here

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Hundreds of people flocked to the Granville Centre over the bank holiday weekend to celebrate South Kilburn’s cultural diversity and community spirit at the South Kilburn Trust’s (SKT) annual South Kilburn Family Fun Day.

The event, which took place on Saturday 26th August, was held at the much-loved Granville Centre for the very first time, transforming the community space into a sun-soaked wonderland with fabulous entertainment, food and games for all the family. 

The event has been hailed a tremendous success by the community with many people commenting that the day was a perfect lead up to the carnival weekend, setting a high spirited tone to the bank holiday and also reinforcing the positive message of community. 

Guests commended the warm and intimate nature of the event as an opportunity to engage with local residents and neighbours and make new friends. Local resident, Beatriz Sanchez commented, “I’ve really enjoyed the event, it’s been great to mingle and meet new people. I think it’s really important to have events like this, I just wish they would happen more often.”

South Kilburn Trust Chief Executive, Mark Allan, said, “We look forward to this day every year. Not only is it a fun day, it’s also a unique opportunity for people to engage with other people from the community from different backgrounds and to get to know them better. The move from the Carlton Vale Open Space has worked very well and the feedback has been amazing. It was great to see The Granville being used in this way. We hope that the event generated some great memories that will stay with people for many years to come”.

Activities included giant size games, irresistible food and refreshments including jerk chicken, a range of interactive activities and raffle prize draw. To the amazement of the children attending, the main hall of the Granville Centre housed a range of inflatable activities such as a climbing wall, sumo wrestling suits and a giant bouncy castle.

Seven year-old Adam Ibrahim from South Kilburn said, “This is the best place ever! I rate it five stars.”

The achievements of the young people who took part in the Trust’s Youth Summer Programme were also highlighted with a presentation of certificates to attendees. In addition, founders of Granville Community Kitchen, Dee Woods and Leslie Barson were also recognised for their work at the Granville Centre over the years with a flower presentation by South Kilburn Trust CEO, Mark Allan.

Event highlights also included; local popular music band the The Friendship Quartet, Kloga dance, and South Kilburn based dance groups Josephine’s African Dance and Drum Studio and South Kilburn Fun Day regulars, The Talbot Dancers, while the ‘Tree of Life’, a tree in the Granville Centre garden prompted guests to write positive messages, hopes and aspirations about South Kilburn which were then placed on the branches of the tree and will remain on the tree. 

The South Kilburn Family Fun Day was supported by Network Homes, London Graphics and K2K Radio.

The Granville Centre will be developed into an Enterprise Hub and Community Space over the next year as part of the Trust’s redevelopment plan of the Centre. It will also serve as the new home of the South Kilburn Trust. For more information visit:

For more information and to keep up-to-date with developments email or call 020 7328 1199. Follow South Kilburn Trust on twitter; @sktrustnw6, Facebook; @southkilburnnw6 and Instagram; @sktrust to stay up to date with programmes, events and news

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South Kilburn Family Fun Day is Back!

South Kilburn will come alive this coming Bank Holiday weekend with its highly anticipated Family Fun Day on Saturday 26th August between 1pm - 5pm. The annual event celebrates the achievements and diversity of South Kilburn and for the first time the event will be held at the much-loved Granville Community Centre.

The Granville Centre will be transformed into an exciting fun-filled space with a host of free activities, fun games, food and cultural performances. There will be loads to see and do, but if you are not the active type then you will at least appreciate the impressive community spirit that South Kilburn Family Fun Day has become known for. 

Chief Executive of the South Kilburn Trust, Mark Allan said, ‘It’s exciting to be able to host what has become a traditional event for South Kilburn, particularly in conjunction with all the developments and achievements happening in and around the Granville Centre. We are aiming to create an atmosphere that will enable people of different ages and backgrounds to be able to come down, get involved, meet new people and leave with a greater sense of community’.

The Family Fun day attracts 100’s of local people every year and the Trust expects this year’s event to be another success. Expect to celebrate, come together and create positive experiences. Certainly, an event not to miss whether you live, work or visit South Kilburn.

The South Kilburn Family Fun Day is brought to you by South Kilburn Trust and supported by Network Homes, K2K Radio and London Graphics. It will be held on Saturday the 26th August from 1pm - 5pm at the Granville Centre, 80 Granville Road NW6 5RA. Family’s, children, young and older people are all welcome.

For more information about the South Kilburn Family Fun Day call 0207 328 1199 or email

For the full invitation visit our Projects & Services page. Or click here

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South Kilburn Trust (SKT) and Ultra Education and have partnered to deliver an innovative entrepreneurship summer programme for seven to nineteen year-olds in South Kilburn. The Ultra Education workshops deliberately target a younger audience with the aim to inspire entrepreneurialism and build business mindedness from a young age. 

Chief Executive of the South Kilburn Trust, Mark Allan, said, “This is a wonderful opportunity for young people to learn invaluable skills over the summer holidays. There aren’t many opportunities for them to learn about and start their own business, especially in an accessible and fun way so we are especially excited to partner with Ultra Education to offer these unique workshops. It is truly great to see that now children and young people are being encouraged to join in South Kilburn’s impressive spirit of entrepreneurialism”.

The workshops are designed to help children and young people to build resilience, self-esteem, teamwork, leadership skills and improve their communication skills. They will also build their confidence, learn how to generate an income and make new friends.

Ultra Education is the brainchild of successful entrepreneur and South Kilburn Trust Business Advisor, Julian ‘Ultrapreneur’ Hall.

"Entrepreneurship is now an essential life skill which should be taught at an early age. The world is changing rapidly and many of the jobs which currently exist simply won’t in the future. Helping children and young people think entrepreneurially will give them the tools to increase their life chances in the future.

"Our philosophy is that an entrepreneur is someone who does what they love and makes money from it. The great thing is that no matter what children and young people love or are passionate about - there's usually a business behind it. All we do is show them how they can do it for themselves", says Julian.

Julian developed this programme in 2014 after seeing entrepreneurial traits in his daughter which sparked the idea that young people can be taught entrepreneurial skills and develop an entrepreneurial way of thinking. His ambition is to teach one million children and young people about entrepreneurship by 2020.

The six-week programme has been tried and tested and has worked with 1,000’s of young people across the country in both Schools and clubs and the Ultra Education programme boasts some impressive Alumni.

The workshops will be held every Thursday from 27th July to the 31st August 2017 10am – 4pm at the South Kilburn Studios, 2A Canterbury Rd, Kilburn, London NW6 5SW.

Spaces are limited and the programme is primarily available to South Kilburn residents, though there will also be a limited number of spaces for young people who live in Brent.

There are two workshops categorised by age groups; 7-11 years old and 12-19 years old. For more information about the Ultra Education Entrepreneurship Programme visit:

Ultra Education run clubs around Brent and across London during term time so to find out more visit:

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South Kilburn (SK) Enterprise Award winners and South Kilburn Studios tenants, the London Basketball Association (LBA), could quite easily be an organisation you would assume just provides basketball activities. There is, however, a reason why they are SK Enterprise Award winners, hold the ‘Active Westminster Club Mark and the London Youth Gold Quality Mark among other prestigious awards and accolades; behind the basketball sessions (both for youth and adults) there is an impressive commitment to improving people's lives through basketball and some amazing achievements.

The Trust spoke to LBA Founder, Tony Lazare, about the LBA and the great work Tony and his team are doing in South Kilburn and beyond.

“After the London 2012 Olympics and attending a number of the basketball events there, I made a decision to help people through basketball. Basketball needed a lot of help and still needs a lot of help with the infrastructure across the nation. I had done many sports before but basketball was always my number one choice since I was a teenager. I decided to hone in on this passion as I thought I could really make a difference,” says Tony about his inspiration to work in the sport.

It is clear in his commitment to his work that there is a real passion for bridging the gaps and shortfalls in the sport. This much-needed focus serves a growing desire for young people to get into the sport professionally. Tony goes on to say that he has noticed that basketball is “becoming very popular in mainstream schools” and this popularity continues to grow year-on-year. “Basketball is accessible”, Tony says and "it is attractive in uniting communities because, like football, it’s a sport that is cheap to play, thus making it affordable and attractive”.

Just how does Basketball improve the lives of those that play it? Tony answers; “It's more about using basketball as a tool to instil valuable characteristics as well as morals and values such as consistency, competitiveness, great sportsmanship, leadership, camaraderie, strategising…to name a few. With this said you become healthier, you can get scholarships and you can network with many people who expose you to opportunities you would not have otherwise received.”

Needless to say that this is LBA’s approach to creating marked improvements in the lives of the people they work with. This approach landed LBA its Gold Quality Mark from London Youth, which is also the reason they were invited to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen.

“The prince has been supporting London Youth for over 70 years, since he will be resigning from public events, he partnered with London Youth to create a youth-oriented event at the Buckingham Palace Gardens for the afternoon to say his ‘thank you’s’ and to meet some of the young people and organisations he's supported over the years,” says Tony about his recent Royal visit.

Closer to home, Tony speaks passionately about how LBA engages the South Kilburn community. “We would like to see ourselves as role models and motivate others to see that they can also make it happen by being friendly and always professional, we try to encourage this way of being in others”. Just how much work and effort do the team at LBA put in? Tony goes on to say “we have sessions for just about every holiday, and during term time, where young people can come in and take part in physical activity in a positive environment.”

Needless to say the South Kilburn Trust support and join LBA in urging the community to get involved in LBA’s events and activities. One such event is the accredited basketball coaching course where candidates also have the opportunity to train up to become qualified referees or table officials. This is a brand new programme for LBA with the first course starting in the 2017 Summer Holidays. In addition, signing up also gets participants access to 13 other courses such as first aid, child protection and food hygiene to name a few. 

Further to this, LBA is connecting qualified people to a platform with paid work opportunities. With most of their activities and programmes being FREE this is an unmissable opportunity.

If you’ve ever considered basketball professionally, Tony gave us 3 valuable tips to playing professional Basketball. 


1. In order to play at a professional level at some point, you're going to have to realise that you have to enjoy the basic's (repetition of the fundamentals of the game) and train effectively (limited time wasting), which ultimately allows you to become a great basketball player.

2. I would say you're going to have to have a great attitude and be coachable. You must also continue to understand that you are an individual so bring your style of game into action. When the time comes for you to step onto the court, you can play and systems coaches want you to play.

3. Lastly, become an athlete as early as possible. 

For more information about LBA's programme and how to get involved visit To find out what events the LBA are running in July and August in South Kilburn check our What’s on Guide here. Follow South Kilburn Trust on Twitter; @sktrustnw6, Facebook; southkilburnnw6 and Instagram; @sktrust to stay up to date with programmes, events and news.

MAIN IMAGE: The Mayor of Brent (Left) presents Tony (Right) with the Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the South Kilburn Enterprise Awards 2017.


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Since announcing that South Kilburn Trust in partnership with Brent Council had secured funding to develop the Granville Centre into an Enterprise Hub and Community Space, we have held two well-attended consultation events in partnership with Brent Council and the project architects, RCKA.

At the first event on the 24th May, we gathered as much feedback, ideas and suggestions from residents, local organisations and businesses to help us shape the development plans for the building - this event went very well. The ideas gathered from this event were all carefully considered taking into account their feasibility. Some of the ideas were then presented to the community at the You Said / We Did event that was held on the 14th June. RCKA presented how your ideas and comments on the proposals for the space had been incorporated into the plans for the design and layout of the building, and we received further feedback about what was proposed. We are now working with RCKA to finalise plans based on the feedback that was provided at this event.

We know that not everyone was able to make it to both events, but we know it is important that we involve the community, as much as possible, in the decision making process and share plans with everyone. Here are the exhibitions boards that were on display at the last You Said / We Did event.

We aim to keep you informed of the progress at every step of the development, you can sign up to our newsletter by emailing and by following us on our social media platforms to stay up to date with the developments. You can also check out our Enterprise Hub page and the Connect SK in Brief Update. If you have any questions about the project please email or call 020 7328 1199. If you are interested in the hiring a business place, please visit

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Are you really ready to start a business? Do you need someone to talk to about your business or business idea? Starting a business isn’t easy, in fact, we know that it can be so difficult that the process actually puts you off going down the business route. Not to worry - we have a solution. Introducing Chris Rayner, South Kilburn’s latest response to the growing thirst for business in South Kilburn and beyond.

Chris has spoken exclusively to us about who he is, what he is doing at the Trust and how you can get amazing free, yes, FREE business advice.

Hi Chris, tell us about the service?

We have a business advice drop-in service, you can come and discuss your with a business advisor one-to-one. We can go through anything at all; your pitfalls, risks, queries, rules and the regulations. Anything you want to ask, we’ve got experience from starting a business from scratch and of all the problems and pitfalls so we try to give you a practical and intelligent guide to running a business.

When did the service become available to South Kilburn Residents?

It’s been available for a little while now (and still is). We are working with South Kilburn residents especially Brent Housing Partnership (BHP) residents but the service is available Brent-wide as well as South Kilburn specifically.

What do you do?

We try to introduce a number of rolling programmes, workshops, networking events (industry specific) and a set of seminars on business basics. We also have the South Kilburn Studios that are subsidised or free to use. The Studios are also a space that people can come and work in and is also open to the community. We are trying to marry enterprise with the employment initiatives that South Kilburn Trust have and also create a sense of community by bringing everything together without defining it overly.

What we are trying to be is approachable and we are very good at listening.

What kind of individuals and businesses would you typically see?

Well, there isn’t really a typical type of individual or business. People usually start off with having an interest or a hobby. They usually start off with an idea - they see a gap in the market. Certain sectors are favoured; there are people in fashion, music, catering and food, tee-shirts, cupcakes and graphic design. It can be absolutely anything at all; service industry, manufacturing…we will work with anything and everything.

What would you say to somebody who just has an idea, has never had a business and is probably still working?

We deal with pre-start people, people who just have an idea and want to ask a few questions. Business isn’t for everyone but at least we can give you a reasonably pragmatic, impartial opinion and tell you roughly the right direction to go. We can probably save you some money as some advice will tell you to spend on things you probably don’t need to spend money on. That’s what I wish I had when I started.

You can also come if you’ve already started your business or if you’ve been in business for years. We pretty much can deal with absolutely anything.

How long can you support people for?

It’s ongoing. (Yes, that’s correct - unlimited business support).

Can you tell us about the background of BHP contract?

BHP (Brent Housing Partnership) have allocated some resources to the South Kilburn Trust to support their residents to start a business. That support is ongoing. Brent Housing Partnership are looking for engagements with people who want to start a business and within reason, they are leaving it up to us. 

Julian is also a Business Advisor and so are you, what’s the difference between the two of you?

We’re pretty much the same. Julian is excellent and has been advising for a while and he deals mostly with the South Kilburn Studio tenants and I’m dealing with the new studio tenants. I’m here three days (Brent-wide) and he is here one day a week.

I’m here Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 9:30 - 5pm. I’m usually at South Kilburn Studios. 

Drop-in is tricky as I can be away for meetings but you can still drop-in. The best thing to do is to contact me by email to book a slot and we can meet at South Kilburn Studios. 

I will talk to absolutely anybody within our remit and go through everything. I’ve been through it all myself so I understand how it is when you start out or are already in business.

What’s your background in a nutshell?

I worked for a large organisation for 10 years and then my wife who’s a designer, started a fashion business. We went into business together to sell her collection directly. We started by selling to some shops and only started to make money after about 5 years. After 15 years we were turning over 3 million a year and had 50 employees. We then sold the business in 1999/2000.

Would you like free business advice? You can contact Chris on or call him on 07469 660 883. Drop-in to South Kilburn Studios, 2A Canterbury Rd, NW6 5SW.

Check the website for a full list of services. Follow South Kilburn Trust on Twitter; @sktrustnw6, Facebook; southkilburnnw6 and Instagram; @sktrust to stay up to date with programmes, events and news.

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Scores of South Kilburn residents, local organisations and businesses flooded the Granville Centre to hear about the plans to develop the facility into an Enterprise Hub and Community Space. The consultation event, which took place at the Granville Centre from 2pm-8pm on the 24th May, successfully captured the opinions of local people about the proposed plans and facilitated the exchange of ideas about how the space will be used, look and feel.

The event held by Brent Council, South Kilburn Trust (The Partnership) and architects RCKa, showcased visuals of the plans, whilst a walk and talk through the proposed business space gave attendees a real sense and feel of the proposals. RCKa architects were on hand to give one-to-one Q & A sessions and engaged attendees in a variety of practical activities that got their creative juices flowing.

Chief Executive of the South Kilburn Trust, Mark Allan, said “The proposed plans for the Enterprise Hub and Community Space were generally met with positivity with many local people expressing excitement about the centre being brought back to life. There was also a lot of enthusiasm about the opportunities that will become available to the wider community as a direct result of the redevelopment.

“We are very pleased that the community took the time out to attend this significant event and contributed so passionately to proposals – we hope that there will be even more excitement once the refurbishment is brought to completion and the community see some of their ideas come to life.”

Richard Barrett, Brent Council’s Head of Estates Regeneration, said, “We are very pleased with the turnout for the consultation event. The transformation of the Granville Centre into an Enterprise Hub and Community Space will create much - needed long term opportunities in the area, which will not only boost the local economy but also highlight the entrepreneurial spirit of South Kilburn.

“Information gathered from the consultation will be presented to the project board to in turn inform various aspects of the Granville Centre design. Local people that didn’t attend the event but still wish to view the plans and have their say can do so by visiting the consultation website up until the 2nd of June. The Partnership would like to thank everyone that attended the event, your support and insights have been invaluable.”

The plans for the Granville Centre come after a successful joint bid by South Kilburn Trust and Brent Council to the Greater London Authority (GLA) for a grant of £749,058 to maximise the workspace and maintain community use. The refurbishment will make the Granville Centre more accessible for disabled people, as well as create new opportunities for training and employment for local people, something at the heart of our objectives to support the long-term positive change in South Kilburn.

The exhibition boards detailing the proposals can be viewed and commented on online at:

For more information about the development of the Enterprise Hub and Community Space visit:

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South Kilburn Trust (SKT) proudly champions the growth and support of local business and enterprise, so we are particularly proud to see that one of our very own entrepreneurs is stepping into the spotlight and is on a very promising path to a successful business.

Meet Beach Society, a new luxury footwear brand founded by local entrepreneur and South Kilburn Studios tenant, Michelle Bailey. This year she has launched a range of unique wedged summer shoes that are not only stylish but practical too. Inside each shoe there is a cleverly designed and beautifully concealed compartment perfect for keeping credit cards, lipsticks and jewellery. What’s more, the straps come with five interchangeable styles that allow you to change your look without having to buy another pair. Very clever.

“I came up with the idea whilst on holiday,” says Michelle, whose personal experience and love of style is the driving force behind her creation; Michelle struggled to find a stylish high-heeled wedge when she was going on holiday and she knows all too well the price of carrying too many shoes when travelling - this was the springboard for Beach Society.

Michelle has put a lot of thought into her design by not only making the shoes cost-effective but also safe to wear. “When we designed the shoes we wanted to make them safe to wear by the pool and on boats, so we used Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) for maximum comfort and support. This material is also environmentally friendly and is anti-slip”, says Michelle.

The sophisticated design will also add a touch of French Rivera elegance to any outfit but the prize is the ability to add to your height and keep your cards and lipstick secure, making Beach Society wedges a wise purchase for any style enthusiast. The first Beach Society wedges will feature up to fifteen customisable designs and offer the opportunity for fashionista’s to create exclusive custom designs.

’We are the only company who design wedges with a hidden compartment and interchangeable straps. Our shoes actually save you money, as one pair will buy you several different looks.  We also custom make straps upon request. The hidden compartment is an added bonus. It’s all too easy to loose your jewellery in the water and also to thief’s who target your belongings. Our shoes are not a wall safe but thieves are more likely to target your bag than your shoes,’ says Michelle.

Starting a business has never been easy but with the support of South Kilburn Trust who provided Michelle with studio space at the Trust run South Kilburn Studios, Michelle has been able to successfully start her own fashion business. “Without the support of SKT I would have to work from home. Working alongside other creative business is also a benefit”, she adds. Michelle has also worked with the Trust's resident Enterprise Advisor, Chris Rayner, who has guided her on her venture.

When asked what her top tip was for someone with an idea they want to turn into a business, Michelle said: “Go for it. I know it sounds like a cliché, and believe me it is easier said than done, but in the end what’s the worst that can happen?”

Congratulations Michelle!

You can buy the new collection at

Follow Beach Society on twitter @BeachSociety 

If you are a South Kilburn resident with a business idea, thinking about starting a business or just starting out, get in touch with us to find out about the many ways we can support you on your business journey.

We also have a special programme for BHP tenants that live in St Raphael’s estate. For more information about this programme call 07469 660 883 or email

Call us Monday to Friday from 9.30am-5pm on 020 7328 1199 or email us anytime at Follow South Kilburn Trust on twitter; @sktrustnw6, Facebook; @southkilburnnw6 and Instagram; @sktrust to stay up to date with programmes, events and news. 

Image: Michelle Bailey

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Did you know that Brent Council in partnership with the South Kilburn Trust were recently funded £750,000 by the Greater London Authority (GLA) to transform the Granville Centre into an Enterprise Hub and Community Space?

We are currently planning what this will look like and are inviting South Kilburn residents, local businesses and organisations to come and have their say about the development of the new Enterprise Hub and Community Space. The consultation event will allow local people to come and hear all about the plans, share ideas and help shape proposals.

The event will be taking place at the Granville Centre on the 24th May from 2pm – 8pm. You can book your place here: Food and refreshments will be available.

If you are unable to attend, exhibition boards can be viewed and commented on online at between the 24th May to 2nd June 2017.

What’s happening at the Granville Centre?

Together with Brent Council and the Mayor of London, South Kilburn Trust is excited to start the development of what will be the new Enterprise Hub and Community Space in South Kilburn. The Trust plans to make the new Granville Centre safer and more accessible for disabled people. Most importantly the new centre will create new opportunities for training and employment, something at the heart of our objectives to support the long-term positive change in South Kilburn.

Want more information? There’s more information about the project here or you can email


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This summer South Kilburn Trust in partnership with Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) will start an 18-month project to get locals over 50 into employment. 

South Kilburn, though a relatively new local charity, has been successfully working with residents groups, organisations and businesses to support long-term positive change in South Kilburn. The over 50’s employment programme is just one of the programmes we will start this summer.

This programme comes out of the national initiative to reduce the number of over 50’s on benefits and suffering financial hardship. South Kilburn Trust has secured funding in order to deliver the DWP’s Flexible Support Fund (50+) programme to South Kilburn residents. 

‘This programme comes with much excitement as we really hope to improve not only the financial but the mental and physical well-being of residents over 50’s. They are often forgotten when it comes to employment so this is a welcomed opportunity to provide the much-needed support and guidance to this group of people who still wish to work.’ says Lauren Baily, Employment and Enterprise Strategic Lead at South Kilburn Studios.

Residents who meet the criteria (50+ and claiming JSA) will be placed into work experience placements and supported into paid sustainable employment. 

The service will be available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with the SKT Employment and Enterprise team at the South Kilburn Trust office. Employment advisors will help candidates with CV writing, interview preparation, job applications, career coaching, digital upskilling and access to ring fenced job opportunities. 

Eligible residents can also access the programme via the Job Lounge on Thursdays at the South Kilburn Trust office, Carlton Hall.

For more information about the SKT Over 50’s Employment Programme or if you would like to sign up to the programme, call 0207 328 1199 or email and Drop by the SKT office at South Kilburn Trust, Carlton Hall, Canterbury Terrace, NW6 5DX. Alternatively visit;

Follow South Kilburn Trust on twitter; @sktrustnw6, Facebook; @southkilburnnw6 and Instagram; @sktrust to stay up to date with programmes, events and news.


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Did you know that South Kilburn Trust offers a free legal advice service for South Kilburn Residents – ASK (Advice South Kilburn)? Whether it’s just a question, real concern or a pressing problem we are here to help.

You are not alone if you have concerns about debt, housing, benefits, family, employment or your rights as a consumer. With support from legal advisors, you can rest assured that the service will seek to properly assess your situation and find ways in which to support and help you to resolve them. 

It is our goal to ensure that we are not helping you to overcome any legal issues but we are also helping you to improve your quality of life. 

We also know that if you are thinking or dealing with a legal issue then you are likely to be stressed about it too. Join us for our free Stress Relief Workshop, so you can learn techniques to overcome stress. Sometimes it is as simple as making very small changes or getting a better understanding of your stress in order to overcome it, so why not come on the 26th April to learn more and make the improvements for a stress-less summer.

For more information about the ASK service, every Wednesday 10AM-12PM visit South Kilburn Trust at Carlton Hall. To find out more, or to join the free Stress Relief Workshop on the 26th April at 2PM-4PM also at Carlton Hall, contact Nilufer on 07436 102924 or email

Follow South Kilburn Trust on twitter; @sktrustnw6, Facebook; @southkilburnnw6 and Instagram; @sktrust to stay up to date with programmes, events and news.

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